Last Friday saw 390 of the Hunter Valley’s finest join together to celebrate the results of the 2014 Hunter Valley Wine Show and the presentation of the trophies.  For most, this event is all about who won, who didn’t, who should have etc. etc.  But for me it is about so much more.  It is about celebrating the community of the Hunter Valley.  It is a rare chance to catch up with mates and friends, enjoy a few drinks and bask in the warmth of the wonderful community that raised me.

I am a child of the vine.  My mum talks about my twin brother and I playing in the dirt for hours on end as she tied down, the highlight of every year was riding on the harvester, the buzz of vintage was palpable and exciting, the winery was a place for adventure and hidden treasure and the people who worked in the industry were our extended family.  The McGuigans, the Scarboroughs, the  Tyrrell’s etc. these people are still some of the most important families in my life, outside my own.  They are mentors that I look to for advice, wisdom and peer support. So once a year when I have the chance to catch up with them, parents and kids, it is a special opportunity and worth celebrating, perhaps more than the achievements of the wines on the day.

In the modern world we inhabit today,there are so many ways of communicating and ‘connecting’.  Community is so much more than that, it is the  long-standing rural inhabitants of a place, thrown together  in a confined space with awesome wines, tasty food and increasingly ridiculous conversation as the day progresses.  That’s my kind of place, I think I’ll stick around.

If you are interested in seeing the actual results of the wine show, follow this link. 2014 Hunter Valley Wine Show Results



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