Through the looking glass


Team Tulloch enjoyed a fantastic dinner last week to celebrate the end of another very busy wine club month.

Highlight of the night was the special bottle JYT (Dad) had brought a long for the team to enjoy.  A 1975 bottle of Dom Perignon, from the days when Tulloch was the distributor here in Australia for this prestigious Champagne brand.

Sitting at the end of the table gazing through countless wine glasses I marvelled at how large our team has grown and how proud and privileged I am to have these people as part of my work family.  So, I thought it was the perfect time I introduced them and gave you a little insight into what they contribute to team Tulloch and how unique their individual talents are.  We also have some pretty fun nicknames!  Here’s two really important people who make everything happen at Tulloch.  I look forward to introducing more of the team to you in future blog posts.


Brad Russ, Sales & Marketing Manager (AKA Super Brad AKA Brus)

So much more than a sales and marketing manager!  He is the go to man about Tulloch.  A rare combination of male ability combined with so many talents usually confined to the fairer sex.  Example, he can skirt a bridal table, put together Ikea furniture, work some mean white board action and shop for soft furnishings all without ruffling his perfectly ironed chinos.  He’ll notice if a rug or vase is even a millimetre out of place, he survives on really weird smoothies and bakes like a demon.  He’s Dad to two beautiful girls and an annoyingly capable husband .  He rarely says No (to me anyway), he loves nothing more than winding me up and does not suffer fools gladly.  He’s a jack of all trades and frustratingly a master at all of them!  I’d be lost without Super Brad and the Tulloch business would be a lesser place with out him.  He enjoys Semillon mainly, although he pretends his wife is the one who drinks it all and he cannot sit still and be satisfied with good enough.  When he gets stressed he pulls his ears and when something needs further thought, it needs ‘marinating’.  He’s the glue who holds it all together and can think and focus on ten things at once.  Sometimes I get tired just watching him.  He’s been lured away from Tulloch in the past, but always comes back and the next person who tries to lure him away should expect a knee-capping from me.



Melissa Hughes (nee Lee), Operations Manager (AKA Mel and just recently AKA Mel Nee Lee)

Along with Brus this is the girl who holds it all together and does a stellar job of it, usually doing ten jobs at once and doing them all to the most incredibly high standard, while making it look easy.  Mel recently got married, so we are adjusting to calling her by her new name, Mrs Hughes (yep, just like on Downton Abbey!).  And while the two Mrs. Hughes don’t draw physical comparisons, they are both very capable, efficient, fair women who know how to run things.  Mel has an accounting and wine making / cellar hand background, so she brings a truly unique skill set to the team.  And like Brad, she has the ability to swap between traditionally male tasks and female tasks seamlessly.  She drives a forklift, moves furniture, balances the book, smells a suspect bottling loss from a mile off, has an enviable palate for wines that display the sometimes converse characters of quality and value and drinks more water than any person I have ever met.  She calls a spade a spade, isn’t backwards in coming forwards and is often referred to as JYT’s favourite cause she loves hearing stories about the old days, being in the vineyard, always knows the cricket score and generally prefers to be behind the scenes than centre stage.   Mel always makes sure there is wine in the warehouse, everyone gets paid, every piece of office equipment is in working order, the grounds are tended to lovingly and always look immaculate and that we aren’t paying too much for electricity and of course, very importantly, that the stationary cupboard is always stocked.  She was a hell of a catch for team Tulloch and is a huge contributor.

Our dinner was held at Roberts Circa 1876.  The food, service and ambience was excellent.  Must try dishes for me were the chicken for main and the pumpkin side dish which was seriously good.


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