The Story of Mother Hen & The Big Friendly Giant

As I promised in my last post, I’m going to introduce you to two more lovely members of team Tulloch.  Chances are, if you’ve ever had contact with Tulloch, one of these two have crossed your path.  They are the people our customers love and the front of our house.  They are true ‘people’ people, the best kind to have as the first point of contact for your company.   Josie Jo and The Giant are all that and a little bit more, they are proud members of our team and I am equally proud and honoured to have them as part of  mine.


Joanne Phillips (AKA Josie Jo, Mother Hen and simply ‘Jo’)



Jo is our Wine Club Supervisor and has been with Tulloch since 2006.  She first started in cellar door sales but soon moved to a full time wine club position …..  and the rest as they say, is history.  What Jo doesn’t know about  our wine club members, they probably don’t know about themselves.  But, what makes her relationship with our members special is her empathetic spirit and her desire to be more than just a voice at the end of the phone.  She knows all manner of intimate details about ‘her’ members because she cares, she is genuinely interested, she wants to know how she can help and she wants to make sure she not only meets their expectations but exceeds them. This is what I call authenticity, and it is at the heart of all successful small businesses in this day and age.  It is a skill that can’t be taught or learnt, it is an inherent personality trait that speaks volumes about the type of person she is.  It’s a sincerity that can’t be faked, or turned on and off at will, it is a genuineness that so few people possess these days, that when they do and they shine their light on you, you feel like the only person in the room.  I know our members love Jo by the incredible and unsolicited  amount of positive feedback I get about her.  Only recently we held our Sydney Harbour Cruise Events and everyone wanted to see the famous Jo!  However …….  Jo doesn’t like boats, confrontation or stairs.  Her world revolves around her family and the light of her life, her daughter.  She religiously brings her lunch to work (as only an organised person does) and she puts up with all manner of requests from staff and customers alike. She loves animals and kids and her favourite wine is Verscato.  She is a brand advocate in the true sense of the word and her value to our business and this team shouldn’t be measured in dollars and cents, but smiles and years of service; 8 and counting!


Steve B George (AKA The BFG – Big Friendly Giant, The Giant, The Fat Controller, The Bearded One)

Not the kind of man to have a nickname without the prefix, ‘The’.  The BFG is our Cellar Door Manager and it is hard to know where to even start with this character???  He is larger than life, fills a room and takes the term brand advocate to a whole new level.  He’s called the Fat Controller because he makes the cellar door hum like only the best maître d in a 3 hat restaurant can, directing traffic, doing five tastings at once, keeping the staff moving, stroking his beard and making sales.  He is wise and a little bit prickly, and loves nothing more than a good old chat and to stir the pot.  He is bit of a chef, a complete wine buff (but in a really fun and engaging way), he knows a whole lot about social media and how to make it do what you want.  He loves technology, boys toys, beer, Hunter Semillon, Newcastle and ……. Beards!  He’s the kind of guy you would describe as a Top Bloke and he’s definitely what you’d call a blokes bloke.  A family man with a super cute  little girl who has him firmly wrapped around her itty bitty finger, a son who is so like him that it drives him to pure distraction, and a gorgeous partner who keeps him on his toes to the point it is sometimes like watching an elephant do ballet.  At the heart of it all, Steve loves people.  He is interested in what you have to say and he wants to know more.  The Giant brings experience, shit stirring, passion, cake, beards and big old belly laughs to the team.  He has taught me a lot and I have a feeling my lessons aren’t over yet, which is a good thing, because his enthusiasm is infectious and his ability to motivate a team is pretty impressive too.  His favourite expression is, “Really? I mean …. Really?”  Spare a thought for Steve, he works pretty much every weekend and all public holidays, so he’s one of the friendliest guys with the most unfriendly hours, but that’s what happens when everyone wants a piece of you!  And, did I mention he loves a selfie and getting #ridiculous.  When it comes to Steve a picture really is better than a thousand words!



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