Thank you for all the memories


It’s not every year you get to celebrate your 120th birthday, but that is exactly what we are doing at Tulloch Wines in 2015.

So how exactly does a company endure the flourishes, fortunes, fashions, fluctuations, family successions and fiscal conditions to still be alive and thriving after 120 years?

Hard work, forward thinking, loyalty, pride, persistence, ambition, necessity, endurance,  determination, courage, audacity, tenacity, good luck? Probably equal parts of all of these ….. and more than a few glasses of wine.

It’s also a time for reflection.  What would my great grandfather and forebears think of Tulloch today, could they have foreseen the social climate we now operate in, indeed what would they make of much of the world we live in today.

People often remark how lucky I am to have been born into a wine family.  They are of course right, I am lucky to have been born into a career, lucky to work beside my forebears with the benefit of all their experience at my disposal.

But, I also feel the weight of responsibility in ensuring this legacy continues to endure so I too can pass it along to a new generation.  Tulloch is not mine, nor will it ever be, I am merely a custodian and caretaker for those who follow and for this I am forever in the debt of my great grandfather, my grandfather, my father and all those who have loved and continue to love our wines and what we do.  Thank you.

Click here for part one and stay tuned for more…… Tulloch Timeline Part 1



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