An Old Name in a New Era

So the Tulloch name survived and here we are alive and thriving to tell the tale 120 years on.

Although we remain a family company, investment in the brand by our partners combined with a modern business structure is now at the heart of our success.

Times they have a changed, and I have no doubt that the company my children (or one of my siblings children) inherit, and their children inherit, and so on and so forth, will look very different in another 120 years, come 2135.

It’s hard to imagine how the Australian Wine Industry will look in 2135, how will consumers tastes and demands have changed, will tradition, respect and authenticity endure as principles that underscore success and longevity?  Only time will tell.

My Board of Directors are a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to wine industry cycles and they often muse about the good old days. For me, I have only known this industry against a tough and ruthless landscape, ruled by trading terms, production efficiencies, new media know how, a well financed and very active anti-alcohol lobby and a severe and debilitating production and demand imbalance.

Despite these odds, our dedication and commitment to handing this great brand down to a new generation is unwavering.  The support of Australians underpins the future success of  small family owned Australian companies and is paramount to the dream of succession.  Not just for the wine industry, but for all those whose generations toil against the odds and nature to carve a piece of history into this countries young landscape. The message is simple, where possible choose Australian – owned, made, grown, packaged, financed.  Help us keep the great stories of our generations and our country alive for many years to come.

Click here for the final chapter in the Tulloch story: Tulloch Timeline Part 3


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