1952 – 2014: A Retrospective of Tulloch Wines


As a custodian of a proud family company, there is nothing more gratifying than making your boss, in my case my dad, proud.

I recently had the opportunity to do this, when we gathered 10 wine folk together for a Retrospective Tasting of our wines to celebrate Tulloch Wines 120th birthday.

My Dad had been holding onto some old wines for a very long time, waiting for the right opportunity to  pop the corks and show off the greatness of the Tulloch name from years past.

Tulloch has an interesting history, including a much maligned 34 years in the wilderness of corporate ownership.  I suspect, during this time my Dad never thought he would get to see Tulloch returned to greatness.

The Retrospective Tasting well and truly provided him with the long awaited sense of pride he is so very deserving of, for his determination, persistence and belief in the Tulloch legacy as its figurehead during difficult times.

I think Huon Hooke s sentiments below capture the mood beautifully.

Congratulations Dad.

Tulloch Wines Back In Cracking Form

to be continued…..


2 thoughts on “1952 – 2014: A Retrospective of Tulloch Wines

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