Slow roasted lamb shoulder on crispy potatoes

When there are men to feed, every meal must have potatoes … or is that just in my household?

I can’t remember where I first got this recipe from, but I have adapted it over time and it is a family favourite.  Plan it for a wintry weekend when you are hanging around the house and can enjoy the smells.  Serve it to the table in the roasting tin for maximum effect as it looks great when it is cooked, but not so fancy once it is served, after all it’s meat and potatoes.


Boned out shoulder of lamb, garlic cloves (thinly sliced), rosemary, bay leaves, equal amounts of white wine & chicken stock, EVOO, S&P, potatoes (peeled and sliced thinly)  and red onion (thinly sliced).


Add some EVOO to the bottom of the roasting tin and then layer the potatoes, onion , garlic, rosemary, bay and S&P until they are all used.  Season generously as you go.

Add the stock and wine (should be just enough to mostly cover, but not quite, the layered potatoes) and lay the shoulder of lamb on top.  EVOO & S&P lamb generously and put in a pre-heated high oven to brown the lamb for about 20 minutes.

Turn oven down and leave to roast for 1 – 2 hours, till the meat is falling apart. Remove the lamb and rest it (keep it warm) and pop the potatoes back in the oven (only do this  if needed to finish crisping and reduce the liquid), otherwise turn the oven off and pop the potatoes back in to keep warm while the meat rests.


Serve to the table in the roasting dish.

This dish is rich, so keep your sides green and fuss free.  I quite like a crisp Italian coleslaw (thinly sliced or mandolined savoy cabbage and fennel, red wine vinegar, finely grated pecorino cheese, EVOO, generous amount of S&P, mint & fennel fronds to garnish) or similar to cut through the richness.


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